Sanitization Service For Your Residential & Commercial Spaces.

Safe Sanitization Services is committed to making your world cleaner, healthier, happier. Whether it is your residential or commercial space, we offer customized solutions that combine technology and industry insight, to revive and restore the look and shine of your premises.

Safe Sanitization Services

If you are looking for a way to maintain a healthy environment in your home or office, we can help! How? Safe Sanitization Services is redefining the concept of a healthy living space with its breakthrough technology, which can sanitize many items.

Our Residential Sanitizing services can eliminate bacteria, germs, and allergens on contact. It also can get rid of dust mites that can be found in your mattresses, furniture, and other household items. Do not put your family’s health at risk!

Nobody wants to be exposed to germs, bacteria, or allergens. Our Commercial Sanitizing services are the best way to maintain a healthy environment for employees and customers at your hotel, school, hospital, or office. We can help you avoid bad reviews!

How can Safe Sanitization Services help keep items free of germs, bacteria, and more?

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The processes we use have been scientifically proven in universities and independent laboratory studies to be highly effective against viruses and harmful bacteria. Once Safe Sanitization Services shows up, we do all the work and you enjoy the results!

To know more about the detailed process, the scope of work, and customer preparedness related to the process please feel free to connect with us! Our customer service representatives will get in touch with you in a few hours and explain the detailed inclusions of the service such as the tools, equipment, and sanitizing agents that will be used. A bespoke service proposal for your unique space requirements will be shared with the detailed scope of work, followed by a quick and effective service. The complete process takes a few hours for a typical residence and varies in the case of commercial spaces.

Frequently Asked Questions

How effective will be the Home Sanitization/Disinfection?

Home Sanitization will be done by a team of professionals who are in cleaning industry for long time and trained for excellent workmanship. And we will be using Pro grade products. So, combining both we can ensure no germs/bacteria’s or viruses are left on the affected areas. For best results, we recommended to get Disinfection or Sanitization done on periodic basis as the deadly injectants would contaminate through air, water too.

What are the safety measures practiced by your team?

Our Disinfectant professionals would mask themselves with the PPE kit, gloves and other industry standard safety gadgets while executing the work. Once the task is done, the kits are either discarded or sanitized and washed as per the guidance of the manufactures.

Are the chemicals used for the process harmful?

No, the chemicals or disinfectants used are non-hazardous for human beings or any mammals. Our experts use only chemicals that are approved by govt agencies for domestic use. When it comes to sanitization, it will be based on steam so no harmful chemicals will be used in the process except for clean water.