The kitchen is the heart of every house. The delicious food that we all enjoy every day is cooked in the kitchen and the entire family’s health depends on the hygiene standards of the kitchen.

It’s thus essential to keep the bugs and dust off your kitchen shelves and keep it entirely clean and hygienic.

We know the efforts that go into cleaning a kitchen, from the grease marks on the stove, the burnt marks on the walls to the termites that may have infected your shelves or the stained floors.

Worry not, for Safe Sanitization Services is here to take care of all your kitchen cleaning problems, to make sure your kitchen is void of all the stains and dirt and is spick & span before you know it!

State of the Art Technology:

Safe Sanitization Services uses some of the most advanced technology to cleanse and clean your kitchen, with machinery brought in all the way from Germany, Italy, and the United States. Our technology helps us to deep clean the entire kitchen, removing the bacteria and the grease marks including the stains on the walls with ease. All equipment is safety checked and are operated by skilled professionals for Kitchen cleaning services.

Steam Sterilization:

Our exclusive process of steam sterilization helps us to clean the greases stuck to your stove, or on to your kitchen platform.

We first expose the grease stain to high-pressure steam at 140 Degrees Celsius, which would sterilize the grease and melt it, making it easier to be wiped off.

Professional Service:

The advanced technology, coupled with our professionals helps increase the overall efficiency, which makes us set our own cleaning standards higher each time. At Safe Sanitization Services, we follow a thorough cleaning procedure to cleanse your kitchen off all the germs & fungi.

We first identify and target all the spaces that need attention the most, including the grease stains not the stove, or spoiled food anywhere in the kitchen. It’s important to clean not just the walls but the other appliances and the places in Kitchen that we least expect would need cleaning. Here are a few places where our experienced professionals can thoroughly clean, getting them spick and span:

  • Electrical appliances such as Microwave, Refrigerators, normal ovens, and such.
  • The gas stove or the induction stove used for cooking
  • Stove slabs and faucets
  • The exhaust of the kitchen, which plays an important role in letting the exhaust out, keeping the kitchen fresh and breathable.
  • All the other unreachable areas that get affected by germs like a chimney, kitchen shelves, corners of the wall/flooring & so on, are given extra attention & care.

We then bring in our unique and advanced technology and organic cleansing agents that help us clean your kitchen and remove all the stains and grease marks.

When we leave, we’re often tipped with a smile and an expression of awe on our customer’s faces that give us a sense of meaning and purpose to our work.

You can now forget your stained kitchen as we’re going to turn it into a whole new one that would bring a smile onto your face just as your food does on the faces of your family members. Breathe life into your kitchen and use it for what it’s meant: For good, yummy and healthy, hygienic food!

So smile and order our services. It’s easy.

All you’ve to do is to download the app call Safe Sanitization Services on your phone.

As your trusted hygiene partner we offer on-demand services for home enhancement covering

  • Deep Cleaning and Floor Enhancement
  • Furniture Enhancement and Upholstery Cleaning
  • Floor Enhancement
  • Exterior Area Washing
  • Steam Sterilization
  • Per Hand Over Cleaning
  • Facade Cleaning
  • Pest Control
  • Kitchen Cleaning services